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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

mtDNA U: Human haplogroup that arose in a Neanderthal Population

I'm certain that mtDNA Haplogroup U resulted from the neanderthal occupation of SW Asia from 70k to 40k ago. 
Every time we've extracted the haplogroup from 20-28k remains, it has been in a Neanderthal Hybrid. These skeletons are so rugged and neanderthal like that if they hadn't extracted the DNA we might be calling them Neanderthals. 
It stays out of Africa until 20K ago and then expands rapidly from the area right across from Gibralter with the Ibero-Maurusian culture. 
21K ago there was a pure Neanderthal population living in the Rock of Gibralter. 
hap U is now the majority haplogroup in Europe, and has been there for 55k. 
No Hss were in Europe 55k ago. 
Ibero-Maurusians were described as being even more robust and neanderthal-like than Cro-Magnons. 
But here's the most damning evidence of all: 
Haplogroup U has shown a superiority to all other haplogroups in avoiding alcoholism due to childhood sexual abuse. 
In other words, any U woman who couldn't deal with neanderthal sexual abuse died or failed to reproduce. 

But she was not alone. The distribution and spread of Y Hap DE and E in Europe and Africa also show evidence of first arising inside of a Neanderthal population and being distributed  through Africa both around 38k ago and during the later Ibro-Maurusian.
Either DE's mother wasn't showing when the neanderthals invaded, or a Homo Sapiens Spaiens snuck into camp sometime after the invasion, or some males were allowed to live.
A hybrid male would have been weaker than pure neanderthals, but he could produce non-sterile males with mtDNA U, and mtDNA was being chosen over Neanderthal women by the neanderthals.


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