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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Where should a newbie begin exploring alien/UFO "evidence?"

 cudambercam13asked on Reddit:

I believe in aliens, spirits, paranormal and the lot, but I'm also EXTREMELY skeptical. You see a UFO, I see space rock. (I know it's called a meteor but space rock sounds cool.) You see an unidentifiable creature in the woods and I'll assume it's an animal. You hear the floor creak, I hear the house settling.
Is there a post here with a long list of links with possible evidence of aliens/UFOs? I like lists and it would be very helpful to have that instead of having to figure out which posts here are worth looking into.
Also, sorry if this is the wrong place to post. There's so many subs dedicated to this sort of thing that I didn't know where to go!

You should start with one of the Ancient Aliens Debunk blogs. They go through each season and tell you why each fact has a much better explanation that is already known. Next is the lottery slim probability of intelligent aliens having found Earth and giving a shit about it: Now, that still leaves the possibility of UFOs in modern times. There are definitely Unidentified Flying Objects around today, the problem is that we don't know if they are being driven by aliens. The government is a more likely choice, and in light of the probability factor described above, it is even more probable that they are a secret high tech population of Neanderthals or Denisovans living in secret than it is that they are visitors from another star system. Even the "partially hollow Earth" scenario is more probable than ETs being intelligent, finding us, wanting to visit us, and surviving light speed and the thousand year or more journey. However, Dr. Huang has come up with a possibility of being visited in modern times. Life forms could likely not survive long enough to "seek out new life" on other planets, but one day, self-replicating robots might. It would still take millions of years, even at light speed, to thoroughly check every Goldilox planet. However, the robots could replicate and send sensors to the moons of Goldilox planets, that could be tripped if any intelligent life form evolves to the poit where it makes it to the moon, therefore alerting the aliens that we are worth visiting. They might send robots then, but living beings would take a couple thousand years to get here, most likely. Though I have seen no proof whatsoever of Ancient Aliens, though I've watched every episode of Ancient Aliens, some of the modern reports from Government officials are more convincing. The problem is that witnessess are only circumstantial evidence- they could be lying or having mental difficulties. And though some modern photos and films seem convincing, we have photoshop and CGI these days. So it's kind of a toss-up.

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