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Sunday, June 5, 2016

All the things Wrong with the Largest Ever Crowd Funded Fantasy Series - Mythica

1. Kevin Sorbo - No one can make a fantasy into a soap opera like Kevin Sorbo. His metrosexual, modern guy representation of a barbarian ruined Hercules and made the spin-off Xena more popular, then he absolutely destroyed Robert E. Howard's Kull the Conqueror. One of my favorite Sword and Sorcery characters of all time and it wasn't even watchable. Either these guys are getting any actor with a name who will work for Burger King coupons or they want this film to tank.

2. Why are non-fantasy authors writing a script to a fantasy movie when there are hundreds of incredible bestselling fantasy novels out there which don't have movies?
3. If they've got an incredible story and somehow learned in secret while no one was watching to be a better writer than Anne Inez McCaffrey, Stephen R. Donaldson, Branden Sanderson, and Robert Don Hughs, fine.
But they didn't, and I know that because there's a Dark Lord: 
Unbelievably, his name is Szorlok, the legendary Necromancer. Is this a Saturday morning Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 80s?

4. I might watch it just because Hodor is in it, but I'm afraid they are trying to ruin his career. I mean, he's most likely a great actor but a bad director could mess up his Hollywood ascension. This director hasn't much of a track record, so we will see. Can he pull the the true greatness out of our beloved actor's debut performance with actual lines? 

5. They produced Orc Wars. An 'orc" is a demon if you're a scholar of ancient English, a humanoid only if you're blatantly Tolkien derivative.

6. Did I mention that Kevin Sorbo is in it?

I hate to criticize fantasy movies, because there's so little of them. At the same time, poorly scripted movies have given the genre a bad name in many circles. Let's hope they somehow pull this off, whatever they are trying to do.
If you'd like to fund it, here's the link: 


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