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Saturday, June 18, 2016

A giant Megalithic site you probable didn't know about in north-west of Morocco, North Africa.

The so called “Cromlech de Mzoura” or “circle of Larache” is one of the most famous and largest megalithic landmark of the north-west of Morocco, North Africa. 

“Mzoura” (in Arabic means “The Holy Place”) can be found about 15 km south of the harbor of Asilah not far from Tangier. The elliptical-shaped tumulus at Mzora has 55 meters (177 feet) in diameter and is surrounded by 167 stone monoliths, of which the tallest, is about 5m (3.2 feet) high. 

The locals say that it has approximately 7 meter long stone “root” below the surface. The megaliths were hammered and polished by hand. 
Their arrangement forms a perfect elliptic structure. Full Article


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