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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Iron Throne Recreated in the Dark Age of Camelot MMORPG : Joffrey and Sandor as Kobold and Troll

The Iron Throne Recreated in the Dark Age of Camelot MMORPG : Joffrey and Sandor as Kobold and Troll

Dark Age of Camelot is the best MMORPG game to date. Unlike the later World of Warcraft, which some deem a homogenized copy, DAoC features three competing "realms" or factions instead of just "good" vs. "evil." This makes for an amazing power struggle between the lands of Midgard, Hibernia, and Albion, in which players wage war on their enemies and their keeps. Alliances are made, pacts are broken, leaders are betrayed, and thousands of players follow other players into massive battles. In an afternoon of RvR, the DAoC version of PvP or "Player vs Player," one might find him or herself fighting an opposing player one on one, leading a huge army of other players to war, erecting a ram or catapult to lay siege to a keep, or scaling the wall of a tower to assassinate a Lord.
It's the closest thing we have to Game of Thrones in an MMORPG right now, and the game is drawn on many of the same influences as "A Song of Ice and Fire."
But it isn't only the player vs. player that makes DAoC the best MMORPG to date, despite its age. The game has roots: it isn't "fantasies greatest hits" like Everquest and WoW. It actually makes sense in a weird sort of way, instead of messing with your suspension of disbelief.
In that way it is also like the works of G.R.R. Martin.
My "main" character in Dark Age is a troll named Gruffbane who fights for Midgard. In the picture below he is playing Sandor Clegane, and beside him is a newly made character Joffrey the Illborn.  Joffrey is Level 1, and is not expected to enjoy a long reign.
I made the Iron Throne behind them using the in-game player housing customizer.
It is made from the best weapons in the game, and many Epic Bosses and player Lords and Ladies have died so that they might adorn the royal  chamber.
Of course, I would have liked to make the throne more like the novels than the one in the show, but the game only allows a certain number of placeable objects!
Below the King and his hound is a shot of a rare occasion when Ymir stormed my Guild's keep in Midgard. It might also be a cryptic prediction for Winds of Winter, but I don't know 'bout that.

                                                                                          YMIR IS COMING!


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