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Friday, April 29, 2016

Did Just a Few Men Control Reproduction in Prehistory to Dominate World Genetics Today?

A new genetic study of male ancestry shows there were periods in human prehistory when just a few elite men controlled reproduction. For example, one man about 190,000 years ago was the ancestor of 1,200 living men from 26 groups around the world whose genes were analyzed for the new study.
Who knows if that one man so long ago had great genes? Would the world have been different if it had been another man who had fathered much of the human race?
And one might also wonder just how many women this man had been with in his life. He lived at the dawn of the history of the Homo sapiens species, so perhaps just by dint of arithmetic and not necessarily by having many mates his genes came to dominate humanity.
But thousands of years later, genetic studies show, just a few men were responsible for much of the reproduction.
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