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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Maps of my Upcoming Novel and Game World: Updated

Joe Lyon Layden is a prehistoric fiction author and primitive musician. To receive a free copy of this entire novella "The Man from Parkho Khatune Bears Favor," as well as three free songs and monthly updates, freebies, and discounts on Joe's ongoing work, please sign up for the newsletter below.

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John M. said...

Nice map! What did you use to draw it?

Looters Revue said...

I didn't I sent my graph paper version to an artist on Fiverr. She did this for $5!
Commercial use is another $20.
Here is her Fiverr ad:

Looters Revue said...

Just updated the world map and added the island map.

John M. said...

Nice. It would be cool to see a color version. This works well, though. It's easy enough to distinguish where the water is, which can be a problem with b&w maps.