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Monday, November 2, 2015

American Indian Perspective Of Bigfoot

David Paulides on American Indian Perspective Of Bigfoot
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1. In your book The Hoopla Project Bigfoot Encounters in California the method is to bring forensic abilities from your knowledge into learning about sightings of Bigfoot by using a police sketch artist and your knowledge. What are some of the methods you used to get deeper into these cases forensics wise?
In regards to the forensic drawing. A trained law enforcement forensic artist is formally trained, they are not just an artist. They are trained to draw exactly what the witness observes, they do not interpret. They do their work face to face, not over a phone. This was a HUGE cost to our organization but reaped a major change on how the biped is viewed. Example-Harvey Pratt (Forensic Artist) and I did a conference in Texas for another bigfoot organization that believes bigfoot is an ape. Our drawings show a profoundly more human face then what has been put in front of the public. We were at the conference with Harvey’s drawings placed on a table for public view, a young witness came into the building and started to view the drawings. He screamed across the room and and had his mom come to his side. The man told his mom that this was the first time he had seen a drawing showing something much more of what he observed and not an ape. He explained that another MAJOR bigfoot group had placed him in contact with an artist. The artist....


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