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Friday, September 11, 2015

Unknown advanced Russian people? 

This sculpture is older than Stonehenge and the 
pyramids COMBINED! 

Here's a better story: 

I'm thinking that it has to be an artifact of 
preservation. That, "Technology" such as this 
was quite common everywhere, only it didn't last. 
It wasn't preserved. 

If you think of it, preservation on this scale 
would be incredibly rare. If anything remained 
of an object like this at all -- anything -- 
it would probably be just tiny fragments. It's 
unlikely we could even tell that it was once 
part of a moment. 

At least in 999999 cases out of a million. 

So it's entirely possible that we've found 
dozens or even thousands of such monuments 
all over the world, but we couldn't tell them 
apart from a random stick that fell off a 

Let's face it, you could double the age of this 
object and it would STILL be thousands of years 
younger then the first carvings -- including 
human figures. So the "Technology" to produce 
such a moment was already extremely ancient by 
the time this one was made. This does not 
require that anyone ever APPLIED the technology 
is such a way, but they were certainly capable. 

No, sorry, I have to write this off NOT as a 
history "First," but as an artifact of preservation. 

Thanks JTEM who posted this on google groups

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