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Friday, September 11, 2015

Ancient human with more than 10% Neanderthal DNA found

Thanks again to JTEM:

NOTE:  No mention of mtDNA & y haplogroups, 
which is a terrible shame because they say 
this man (his people) likely left no living 
ancestors. Meaning, they had haplogroups 
not present in modern people... 

At least that's what I think they mean. 

Damn media! 

Quite frankly, he doesn't look ancient 

: DNA from a man who lived 40,000 years ago in Romania 
: reveals that up to 11 percent of his genome came from 
: Neanderthals. 

Which sounds about right if his great grand dad was 
a Neanderthal, and he lost the Neanderthal y chromosome. 

If he has the Neanderthal y Chromosome, then the 
Neanderthals likely go back further. 

Just saying. 

Yes other models do work. 

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