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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pre-Clovis Askans

At the Serpentine Hot Springs site in Alaska, numerous fluted points
have been found. They date to 12,000 years ago, making them more
recent than Clovis. The site is located in what was once Beringia, the
land bridge between Siberia and Alaska during the last Ice Age.
Beringia was still dry at this point. These represent a late
"backwash" from south to north. The First Americans may have traveled
along the Pacific Coast and then crossed over in Central America up
the Atlantic Coast. This would explain the many Clovis sites on the
East Coast. The Clovis culture eventually moved northwards to Alaska,
where the blades have been found at Serpentine Hot Springs at a date
almost 1000 years after Clovis developed. These later blades even made
their way into Asia, where one of this type has been found in

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