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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marc Washington explains The Emergence of Caucasians with Albinism

COMMENT: Row A: 1-3 shows isolated, single-generational albinism as
does column 4 and does not carry into a 2nd generation. Row C shows
massive melanin loss so great the body is unable to be evenly
pigmented; pigment exists in such small quantities, only “islands” of
melanin can exist - freckles. The hair becomes blond or reddish and
the eyes often blue (see row C). Egmond Cogfried has coined the term
“fixed albinism” which speaks to it becoming not isolated but
intergenerational or hereditary. Such a transformation as seen in row
D with contiguous generations being without pigment shows the event, I
believe, which gave rise to the white race. I
would say this event occurred in the Lower Dryas (10,000 BC). At this
time, earth was hit by a meteor stike so great it killed-off much of
life in the North Atlantic, rose clouds of dust so great darkness
covered the earth for a millennium. Here in the sun-less glacier-grown
world the white race may have emerged. If so, this would be supported
by the archeological findings of Marija Gimbutas.

Marc Washington


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